Brand: Husky 

16 Drop HUSKY Hot Runner with cutlery mould with common handles and separate gate inserts.
(1) Spoon section: 16 cores + 16 cavities polished and complete. Mould set in nests of 4 inserts (see attached photo's)
(2) Incomplete Inserts: 16 Knives, Cores & Cavities set in nests of 4. 16 Forks, Cores & Cavities set in nests of 4. 
(3) Note: 1 Fork insert of 4 cavity section cracked (see photo's) Hot runner run for trials only. 
Other notes: Whilst Spoon section is complete and ready to produce with minor adjustments, the Knife and Fork need completion. Electrodes used are supplied with the mould. Cad files used may also be supplied.

Total Price Excluding V.A.T.  R 175 000.00 



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